Loan inquiries by the Federal Administration

The Swiss Federal Office of Culture makes works from the Swiss Federal Art Collection available for rooms in the Swiss Parliament, in major Federal Administration buildings and in diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Basically, only rooms serving in an official capacity may be taken into consideration.

Under the Federal Administration (incl. the FLAG-Offices, which report to the Swiss Federal Audit Office) these are:

  • the offices of Executive Federal Councils, Federal High Court Judges, Department Heads, Undersecretaries and the official antechambers to such offices
  • official conference rooms
  • official entrance areas with waiting rooms for visitors in the security zone

In Swiss embassies, diplomatic missions, consulates and residences these are:

  • official entrance areas for visitors in the security zone
  • official conference rooms
  • parlors, reception rooms and dining rooms in residences serving for official events
  • offices of Ambassadors or Consul-Generals as well as their official antechambers

Other spaces ̶ offices, private rooms, etc. ̶ are not entitled to loans from the Swiss Federal Art Collection.

A handbook provides information on the loan requirements, procedure, sequence of events and important contacts and sources of help in handling the artworks from the Swiss Federal Art Collection. The handbook can be obtained by e-mail request at:


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